Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


 - Indian jewelry to cost 5.5% more in the United States. More here, here and here.



– More derivatives talk from Wyndham and Solitaire. My thoughts

– Diamond Circle Capital fund stumbles. (It is very hard to find info on Diamond Circle Capital, by the way. It doesn’t even have a web site.)


– Chaim: Something big brewing at De Beers. Though even he seems unsure what it is.


Media Watch:

– Three part documentary on diamonds on Discovery Times coming July 17.

– “Hype or Fraud?”: Consumer upset over TV diamond purchase.

– NY Times article on Taub case.

– South African TV on greater diamond exploration.

– Jewish Week on Antwerp’s diamond district.


Supreme Court: Manufacturers can set retail prices.

Good round-up.

– USA Today sees “little impact.” Others disagree.

Implications for Ebay?.


– Finlay gets credit line, but is downgraded by Standard and Poors.


- Idex/Gassman: Online commerce here to stay.


– New research on the science of diamonds.


No jewelers in retail’s Top 100.


-You gotta like the name “Deb Zeppelin.”

– Ontario changes diamond tax. News release.


– Details on South Africa’s State Diamond Trader.


– Bloggery: Africa pictures.


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