Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Hey all … still haven’t heard anything from Rio Tinto about Argyle … will let you know when I do … in the meantime, have at this …

Reuters: Stock market woes won’t kill high end purchasers.


Sight reports. I’d also heard that Indian goods went up. And, as I note here, some American sightholders came away from this week’s meeting more uneasy than ever.  


Indian jewelry levy part of debate on GSP.


Media Watch:

– WWD: The Madison Avenue jewelry boom.

Investors Business Daily on Rapaport’s diamond derivative plan.

The “Market Oracle” visits Canadian diamond mines.


De Beers may close part of London office next year. Story correction.


Idex looks at who’s buying jewelry here and here.


Sierra Leone passes beneficiation law.


Turkey joins the Kimberley Process.


PAC looks at diamonds in Liberia (PDF). Summary.


Illicit diamond buyers arrested in South Africa.


Another possible De Beers strike.


Science proves it: Diamonds are really, really old. (My thoughts.)


Good rundown of the Paris Hilton-Zeta Graff lawsuit, if you are into that kind of thing.


Check out the diamond-covered IPOD. Use it too much, you’ll need the diamond-covered hearing aid.


From the blog:

The New Sightholder Applications.

Some Good Diamond News.


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