Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

I will probably post this a little earlier next week, because of the holiday. Anyway, here is your weekly news …

India show reports from Solitaire and Idex (here and here)


From the blog: Updates on De Beers class action suit and Gemesis.


EU to appeal De Beers-Alrosa ruling. (Background.)


Indian firms attract U.S. financial backing.


Chaim: Botswana’s unions threaten beneficiation.


Media Watch:

Women’s Wear Daily on Leviev in New York (mentions Vivid and GIA scandal.) Reprinted here.

Thestreet.com on diamond stocks.

NPR on Canadian diamonds.


Financial Watch:

Idex/Gassman on Zale.

– Analysts say: Sell Blue Nile. Buy Signet.


Turkey interested in diamond exchange.


Indian government wants more diamond mining.


Jury still out on “world’s largest diamond.” (Past coverage.)


Bob Geldorf speaks at Antwerp Diamond Conference.


Funny Economist blog post on new book about “democratization” of luxury. Book excerpt.


Anglo CEO more powerful than Oprah!


This is a cute video, and clever marketing (with 100,000 hits), but really, the people at Abazias should know that “synthetic diamonds” are not cubic zirconia. But it’s nice to know how to pronounce Abazias. Apparently, these videos are a trend. This diamond-in-blender video got 800,000 hits.

Rio takeover rumor still a rumor.


“Greys Anatomy” star complains her diamond ring is too big. Ah, to have such problems.


From JCK: In To Africa (Botswana/South Africa trip report.)


Have yourself an excellent weekend …

JCK News Director