Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Because of blog tool problems, I am hearing that some of you are unable to submit comments. If you are having problems, send the comments  to me at rbates - at – reedbusiness.com, and I will post them. That’s a good address for hot news tips, too. And now the news …

Changes at Rio Tinto.

 “Activist investors” buy nearly 8% of Zale.  Commentary.

 Debeersclassaction.com is now up. Needs work, guys. 
India nervous about the U.S.

Media Watch:
New York Times profiles Leviev. He cuts diamonds and foreskins!
WWD wonders where the GIA scandal was. (My thoughts.)
Financial Times, AP articles on “diamond futures” plans.
Kwiat article in Time. (h/t Rapaport)
Blogging Stocks: Will gold ruin jewelers’ Christmas?

Namibian newspaper: Chicanery in diamond licenses?

First Rapaport auction “disappointing.”

Tiffany invests in Sierra Leone mine.

Collectors Universe (GCAL/AGL) posts loss.

Manfredi goes for Park Avenue, not Madison.

De Beers airship crashes.

De Beers upset about South African mining laws. Oh wait, they’re not.

I love Chaim but I have no idea what he’s talking about here.

Who doesn’t love a good dead composer’s hair  turned into a diamond story? Here’s the Ebay listing. It’s hit $200 K! And by the way, eww.

Cubic zirconia gives Donatella Versace “a rash.”  So ends this edition of “Unusual Afflictions of the Rich and Famous.”

From the blog:

GIA Scandal – What Happened?.

Is Zale in For More Turmoil?

Have a good weekend, everyone …

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