Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

First off, this week is somewhat bittersweet because we have to say goodbye to the “world’s largest diamond” story, which always brought in tons of hits, for whatever reason. It was fun while it lasted. Anyone else have some transparently bogus claims we can talk about?

Now the news:

National Retail Federation says holiday won’t be so bad, and diamonds will do well.
– Gassman’s holiday forecast: “ho-hum.”

Gitanjali, owner of Samuels, acquiring another US jewelry retailer?  Any guesses?
– It also wants up to 250 stores.  I hear they are right now buying a lot of stores under the Samuels name.

ABN Amro calls diamond business “strange animal.” Basel II package for diamonds released.

Leviev and De Beers – back together. Sightholder decoder.

Rio Tinto Diamonds gets new managing director. Aber willing to buy rest of Diavik.

Nirupa Bhatt joins GIA. Commentary.

The DPS presents Christmas campaign, starts $75k coop fund.

Should it stay or should Hugo: The KP and Venezuela
NGO statements.
– Press coverage: (Financial Times, AFP)

De Beers signs beneficiation deal in South Africa. And it’s giving no discounts.

Media Watch:
– Tiffany opens store on Wall Street: New York Times, NY Post, WWD, video
Voice of America on South African manufacturing.
Houston Chronicle on the new De Beers store in Dallas.

Blue diamond gets record price in Hong Kong.

Belgium “blood diamond” probe.

Chaim on Antwerp.

AGS lab client service manager dies.

De Beers price hike?

Harry Winston store in Paris robbed.

Kayne West, who let’s not forget, did “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” now has jewelry line.

Update on “world’s biggest diamond crock.” AP, BBC.

From the blog:
DPS: Retailers Predict “Modest” Christmas
Sightholder Decoder
World’s Biggest Diamond was the World’s Stupidest Hoax
Leviev and De Beers: Together Again

Have a good weekend …

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