Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

The luxury market will grow 8% over next three years
– Baby boomers like diamonds.
– Top rationalizations for luxury purchases

Tiffany on the move

– Its new deal with Alrosa.

– Its new store concept (with pics!)

– Sells, leases back London store.

– One final note, amidst all this activity: Tiffany, like Zale, has a so-called “activist investor.” Maybe it’s working; the stock is trending up.


Sterling announces cutting factory.


De Beers lawsuit claim forms to come Dec. 21.


Media Watch:

– London Times on diamond prices and Matrix Laser Technology, which will allegedly turn the diamond industry “on its head.” No offense to this product, but I’ve heard a lot of things are going to turn the industry on its head over the years.

– The Chinese media on diamond sales there.


The Antwerp Diamond Conference. I wasn’t there, but sounds interesting…

– Trade reports: Idex 1, Idex II, Polished Prices, Antwerp release.

– Speeches: president of Liberia (doc), Gareth Penny, Alrosa Pres, Ernie Blom, most of the rest.

– Media: Reuters, AP, Business Day.

– Plans for another conference on treatments and synthetics.


Alrosa to increase direct sales to brands. Will start sight system.


Blue Nile slips after downgraded by analyst

– Opinion: Has “nowhere to go but down.”


Costco diamond sales rising.


Mumbai theft shows security flaw.


Chaim on the Swiss “conflict diamond” case. Article he mentions is here.


Congo Republic, which got the well-deserved boot from the Kimberley Process three years ago, now wants to rejoin.


Jewelers make worst job list. (Article here.) Also on the list: writing that jewelers made the worst job list.


And, yes, the big ugly green bubble-filled resin-glob that someone, in their dreams, thought they could fob off as “the world’s largest diamond” gets one last post. At least, I hope it’s the last post.


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