Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

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Mull over that … meanwhile, here’s the news …

Defaults surge in India.

 “Surprise” price increase at sight.

– First Namibian sights held.

Chaim and Charles Wyndham on the new “ex-sightholder support” system. (My heartfelt advice, from June.)

Jacob the Jeweler pleads guilty.

Diamond photography exhibit in Brooklyn.

Media Watch:

Fortune on Hearts on Fire. My thoughts.

The Canadian press interviews Eira Thomas (of Diavik fame).

The Telegraph on efforts to make eco-friendly gold.

Motley Fool again on Blue Nile. (“good company, bad stock.”) More from MSN Money.

NY Post: Tiffany fights race discrimination suit.

– The Palm Beach Post on the Miami bourse. (Mentions Taub case.)

– Glenn Rothman talks at Tufts. Sierra Leone NGO at Rutgers.


Aber to be listed on New York Stock Exchange.

– House of Taylor could be delisted from Nasdaq.

Bendheim leaves Colibri.

Who’s Not Complying With Kimberley?

Let’s make a list …

1. The alleged blood diamond ring in Belgium.

2. Venezuela.

3. Angola. (Full report.)

4. Cote d’Iviore. (The BBC tries to find diamond smuggling.)


John Edwards gets conflict diamond question.


GLG: Jewelry retailers may underperform this year.

Hans Stern dies.

Investors lose interest in mining juniors.

As shocking as it is, some people leave behind the incredible glamour of the life of a diamond trade reporter. But congrats to my former competitor Susan Posnock, and her new job at Jewelers of America.

Dispute over $3 million diamond.

From the blog:

Hearts on Fire: How Hot?

The New Anti-Diamond Movie, and Other Social Issue Thoughts.

From JCK: My article on the De Beers anti-trust settlement.

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