Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This will be posted early next week because of Thanksgiving… which also means Black Friday. Any guesses how that’s gonna do?


Anyway, here is the week that was …


Warren Buffett’s Richline buys another gold company: Prime Time Manufacturing. Past coverage.


BHP Has Its Eyes on Rio.

– Newest wrinkle: Could Rio buy BHP?   Analysts say no.

– Did BHP sweeten offer?

– Anglo-American is now “key player”. Will it make a bid?


Reuters: Holiday season may not be so bad.


Tiffany goes after ebay.


Botswana sightholders chosen.


BHP launches spot market.


The DMIA letter to De Beers. Chaim hates. I debate.


Zale buys back stock, closes Bailey’s sale.

Could Zale go private?.


Will Pakistan and India cooperate in the gem and jewelry sector?


Sotheby’s sells round 84-carat D-flawless for $16 million to the founder of Guess, second high sale ever.

– A 493-carat rough (18th largest ever) sells for $10.4 million.

Leviev store protested.


Moronic, but we’ll take it: At last night’s Democratic Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was asked if she liked “diamonds or pearls.” She said, “Both.” Then Joe Biden chimed in “diamonds.” Yes, this really happened. Idiotic political questions = great product placement.  (Update: Here’s video.)


Media Watch:

Hedgworld on Rapaport’s diamond future plan. Bugmenot login.

The Forward tracks Leviev.

Asian Times on “blood diamonds” in Surat.

Ethical Corporation magazine crushin’ on De Beers.

ABC News on big diamonds.

The BBC on ethical gold.

Wired’s blog (again!) on the worst diamond-encrusted devices of all time. I’ll admit, most of those devices are stupid, but the industry really needs to spread the post-cartel message. If you don’t believe me, read the post, then the comments. (More on Luxist.)


This week in blog posts:

Tiffany Goes After Ebay

Sightholder Decoder, Part II.

On Chaim Even-Zohar and the DMIA Letter.

A BHP – Rio Merger?


Have a great weekend …

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