Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

A lot of stuff this week …


Whitehall “may seek” bankruptcy protection.

– SEC filing.

– Will Whitehall “follow Friedmans”?

– Director resigns.

My thoughts.  (With spirited discussion.)


Jewelry Channel to close.

Local coverage.

Fabrikant insiders’ property ordered seized.

Diamond investment fund to launch.

Past interview with fund manager.


De Beers coming to Naples, Fla.; Costa Mesa, Calif.


Surat diamantaires reeling from recession.

– Should India, China  look inward?


Chaim on “Industry Wild Cards.” Very interesting.

– Anglo American takeover rumors.


Antwerp board elections.

– Wyndham: Antwerp’s end?


Jeff Roberts takes over IJO.


A diamond industry Sopranos?

– Conflict diamonds on “In Plain Sight.”


Blue Nile targets international business.

– Vietnam: “Promising diamond market”


Kimberley Process meeting:

– Fake Kimberley certificates?

– Venezuela leaves Process. And about time.

– NGOs seek “wider scope.”


Investors too tough on Tiffany?


New Jersey jewelers fear gold bill.


Moissanite maker sues former customer.


Mark Boston on sightholders Sun City event.


Russell Simmons’ “Diamond Empowerment” PSA is here.  (Via NJ)


Jewelry web traffic up in May.

– Transauction sues bidz, ebay, etc.


Angola: Third largest diamond producer?

– Country looks at “diamond tourism.”


Israeli dealers indicted for fraud.

LLD Namibia cutters protest manager.


Report: Children’s jewelry full of lead.


Sierra Leone chief tells diggers: Stop!


Rio Tinto India gets new manager.


Alleged larceny at Saks jewelry counter.


Synthetic diamonds can be made from … tequila

Original study.

– Party tonight at Gemesis! And who can forget this


Media Watch:

The Wall Street Journal on problems in diamond mining.
Forbes profiles the Indian jewelry sector.

Dallas Morning News and Foreign Policy speak with Gareth Penny.


From the Blog:

In For the Whitehall?

A Diamond Industry Sopranos?

De Beers Coming to Naples, Fla., Costa Mesa


Whew … Told you it was a lot of stuff … Sometimes I kind of hate the Internet. But anyway, have a great weekend!

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