Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Well it was another, um, exciting week ..


Whitehall goes Chapter 11.

– Will auction its assets.

Is there a buyer?

– Hearing report: Memo madness!  Seiko sues.

Creditor list.

– The “Warren Buffett way.”


House of Taylor: A house of pain.

Ends operations.


Hong Kong Show: Middling.

“Record number” of exhibitors.


Birks and Mayors: Sales up, profits down.

This just in … De Beers plans price increase.

Sylvain Ringer dies. Very sorry to hear.


Jacob the Jeweler sentenced.

The Smoking Gun has more Jacob dirt.


Diamond investment fund raises $74 million.

– Chaim’s take.


Royal Asscher disavows Fabrikant.
– Fortgangs get hearing.

Ebay changes jewelry listing policy. Fine vs. fun!

Hearts on Fire sues Blue Nile.


WFDB: Don’t buy Venezuela’s diamonds.

NGO report on Cote de Ivore conflict diamonds.

– Diamond laundering in Zimbabwe.


Signet gets new credit deal.


Diamond wholesaler joins Zale board.


New Jersey jewelers target “used jewelry”bill.


Consumer confidence index declines.


Fake diamond rough?


Gassman: Harry Winston rebounds.


De Beers “Leaders of Africa” summit concludes.

– Is African investment now mandatory?

– Russell Simmons blog post.


LLD Namibia workers on strike.


Mining Watch:

– A diamond mine in India?

– De Beers, NUM make deal.

– West African Diamonds faces takeover.

– Eight killed in Guyanan mine.


Indian Company Financials:

– Rajesh Q4 profits up 47%.

– Suraj 4Q profits up 30%.

– Flawless 4Q profits up 141%.

– Classic profits up 38%.


UNICEF shuns Leviev donations. Somewhere, a yeshiva cheers.


Umbilical cord made into diamond. Next: A platinum placenta!


I agree … this is a very nice De Beers retail ad


Media Watch:

Nerve article: Diamonds are “profoundly anti-feminist.” (Profoundly!)   Jezebel has lively discussion.

Bloomberg: Jewelry displays risk athlete safety.

New York Times blog on the “diamond cartel.” 

Indian newspaper on China’s threat to Indian cutting.

Seeking Alpha on Blue Nile.


From the Blog:

De Beers Plans Price Increase.
Who Will Buy … Whitehall’s?

Report from Whitehall Hearing

The Warren Buffett Way.


Have a great weekend …

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