Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

And here’s the news …

Store closings will increase this year.

– May jewelry sales “listless.”


Ebay wins case against Tiffany.

Text of ruling. (PDF)

– Buy.com strikes deal with ebay.


Two bidders for Whitehall?

– Whitehall consignment case could hurt Finlay.
– Auction approved, but not breakup free.


Finlay’s delisting could hurt Zale.


Wal mart’s “sustainable jewelry” line.  

“Confusion” over ethical diamonds.

– Madison Dialogue report (PDF).


Where did  “stimulus” checks go?

– Michelle Obama: People will buy earrings. We wish!


Are diamonds now “safe haven”?

Reuters on diamond investment.


Indian diamond trade begins move.


Indian cutters target attrition

– Workers experience “agony, frustration.”

– Indian press: Are diamond strikes forever?


Argyle mine’s budget doubles.


New device detects smuggled diamonds.

– Already smuggling at proposed Indian mine.


Chaim: South African sights “illegal.”

– “Potential” for new South African mine.


Nambia examines Leviev strike.

– Liberians visit Namibia to learn “beneficiation.”


President mentions Kimberley Process in note on Liberia.


Lousy second quarter for Blue Nile?

– Blue Nile stock hits low.


New moissanite lawsuit.


MJSA seeks CEO, new direction.


Zalemark cancels merger with Novori.


Interesting post on diamond mine vacuums.


Dumb criminal flushes diamonds. That about says it all …


JCK staffers win Liddicoat Awards. Yay, team! And nice pic! Also, congrats to Russ.


Media Watch:

Reuters on Indian diamond traders.

Palm Springs newspaper on same sex marriage and jewelry.

The Charlotte Observer: De Beers execs come to town.

WWD on jewelers and metal prices. (Sub required.)

WWD on jewelers in Orange Country. (Sub required.)

Local ABC TV news on jewelers in Los Angeles.


From the Blog:

Two Bidders for Whitehall?

Is the Decline in Mall Jewelers Due to Decline in Malls?

Ebay Case: Tiffany Knocked Out Over Knock Offs


Have a great weekend …

JCK News Director