Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Sorry, most of the news is pretty bad this week …


Shaky Days …

– Prices plunge at BHP tender.

– Alrosa to slash supplies.

Smaller DTC sights.

– Bloomberg: RBDC Capital lowers forecast.


Luxury consumer confidence “in free-fall.”

– Selling luxury – in un-luxurious times.

– The Economist: American retailers “struggling.” (via Retailwire.)


More Antwerp diamond raids.

– Reports from Idex, polishedprices, Rapaport.

– Local press coverage (not in English): De Tijd, HLN, Express.  


Botswanan bank tries diamond financing.


Fire at Mumbai bourse.

– Panama exchange opens.


Ken Gassman on Zale.

GLG and Clusterstock on Tiffany.


Red tape “strangling” South African industry.


New colored diamond investment fund debuts.

Web site.


PAC: Illicit diamond trade “growing.”

– Full report. (PDF) Worth reading.


Boscov’s auction postoned.

– Liqudiating Mervyns offers 65 percent off diamonds.


Chaim: CIBJO Europe “funded by De Beers.”


Antwerp postpones conference.

– Dubai summit is on!

– Antwerp pushes “safe haven” line.

Report: EU objects to Rio-BHP merger.
– BHP Chairman: Bid still on.

“Rumors” of talks.

Leviev denies Angolan brutality reports.

Links to reports.


Theo Fennell (the jeweler) disses big rocks.


A diamond-studded Matchbox car.

– Another Victoria Secret diamond studded “fantasy bra.” It’s good to know that whatever happens in the world, through good times and bad, there will always be diamond-studded fantasy bras.


Media Watch:

Bloomberg, the Financial Times and Reuters on De Beers’ smaller sights.

Reuters on trade reaction.

– India’s Economic Times on diamond industry’s “rough road.”

Fast Company and the New York Times on the (proposed) Bristol Bay mine.

India’s Commodity Online interviews Global Witness.

Techcrunch on a diamond trading start-up.

Sierra Leone newspaper on “Ruff and Cut.”

Kansas City Star on the Crater of Diamonds State Park.


From the Blog:

The Ongoing Antwerp Saga.

Selling Luxury – In Unluxurious Times.


Have a great weekend …

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