Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

So, I am only hearing good things about day one of the Luxury show. Granted, expectations were low, but I’ve heard several people mention an “upbeat” mood on the floor, and that business was written. Certainly seemed busy, during the ten minutes I was there. We’ll see how the main event is; it doesn’t start until tomorrow. But the number of people at the seminars seems about the same as previous years.


I’d also like to give a quick plug to the Vegas Face to Facebook meeting at JCK¸ which is taking place Monday night, starting at 6:30 PM, at the Tao at the Venetian. It should be a nice relaxed time. If you’re around then, feel free to stop by.


And yes, I realize the type on this blog has turned day-glo orange. I’m still getting used to it.


And now the news:


Zale sales down 20%.

– GLG: “Self-inflicted wounds.”

– “Squashes hopes for jewelry turnaround.”


Tiffany quarterly profit falls 62%.


Interview with Robbins Brothers president and CEO.


New CEOs for De Beers Diamond Jewellers, Forevermark.


ABC’s “Diamonds” airs. Review and thoughts.

– Ratings “microscopic.”

– Media Reviews: Washington Post, Daily News, Denver Post.


Bloomberg: Ex-jeweler’s book exposes trade’s “sleazy secrets.”


WSJ: “Culture of bling” dead?


Rapaport sounds credit warning bell.


Layoffs “backfire” in India?

– Vinod’s back blogging! “Mixed outlook” for cutters.


Will Debwana’s resumption hurt industry?


Namdeb resuming production in July.


121 jobs eliminated at Argyle.


Alrosa “won’t flood market.”

– 1Q rough sales down 92%.

– Vybornov out?


Ian Smillie resigns from KP.  Indeed a shame.

– KP team inspects Zimbabwe mines.


Diamond smugglers put on US terrorist watch list.

– World Federation warns …


Nicky Oppenheimer: Africa must “seize opportunity.”

– De Beers execs to appear at Antwerp meeting.


Harry Winston analyst call.


Jewelers Closing:

Campus Jewelers in Ann Arbor


Jewelers Opening:

Rone Regency, Chatanooga, plans new store.


From JCK conference program: Janowski speech, my speech, Hedda speech, cut panel.

– Vegas Jewelry Center “on hold.”


De Beers anti-trust suit: “Be patient.”


Kenny G on Blue Nile.


New Israeli minister tours diamond industry.


Idex launches ebay sales channel.


Hedda teams up in consultancy.


Mariah Carey “showered with diamonds” in Turkey.


Media Watch:

The Economist on Sierra Leone’s diamonds, and the industry in general.

The Guardian on the hardship faced by laid off Indian diamond workers.

FT article on India has a lot about diamonds.

Oakland Daily Tribune on avoiding conflict diamonds. Someone watched the ABC show!


From the Blog:

Interview with Robbins Brothers President and CEO.

ABC’s “Diamonds”: Review and Thoughts.


Have a great weekend, even if it’s in Vegas …




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