Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


First, a housekeeping note: This blog (and I) will be on vacation for the next two weeks (though I will have a story on the main site Monday), where, once again, I will try and unplug and think about the jewelry industry as little as possible. We’ll see how well that works.


Things have been quite busy of late, but I do hope to up the amount of posts I put on here when I return …


And now the news …


Tiffany’s profits down 30%.

Beats estimates, predicts growth.

– Stock jumps.

-  Analyst upgrades.


Interview with new Speidel owner.


Gitanjali sees growth this year. Has hopes for good US holiday season.


Bulgari closes US stores.


KP and Zimbabwe: My thoughts.

– Military ignores KP threat.

– Zimbabwe parliament investigates atrocity reports.

– Surat happy about no ban.

– WDC starts talking tough. All right, somewhat tough …


Angola gets KP inspection.

– Diggers expelled.


India plans more diamond bourses.

Gem Diamonds sees prices rising.


Chaim on ABN Amro’s new financing policy.


Mark Boston “on sustainability.”


Small SA manufacturers mad at State Diamond Trader.


Namibian diamond production fell 60% in half year.

– Namibia, India sign diamond MOU.


“Diamond city” Surat most polluted in Gujarat.


Charles Taylor calls UN diamond report “biased.”


De Beers Canada discusses further exploration.


Possible diamond exploration in Tanzania.


Stores robbed in Laguna Beach, San Marcos, and Niagra Falls.

– Jeweler mention in New York Times story on retailers who shot robbers in self defense.


Frank Gehry/Tiffany lawsuit dismissed.


Jeweler wants Lindsay Lohan to return jewels.


Media Watch:

The FT on investing in diamonds.

AFP on diamond mining in South Africa.
The Daily Telegraph on jewel robberies.

The BBC on problems in Kimberley.

Onmilwaukee blogger feels jewelers need to be “man-friendly.”


From JCK:

Industry Credit Tightens Up

The First “Post-Cartel” Crisis.


From the Blog:

The KP and Zimbabwe, Continued.

Interview With New Speidel Owner.


Have a great weekend… See you soon



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