Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

I know it’s still not a party out there – I like to say, “the worst is behind us, but the best isn’t  ahead of us just yet” – but the fact that people are actually buying things – such as Kwait/Fred Leighton and all the people buying former Finlay stores – seems a sign that people are more confident about the future. You didn’t see that six months ago.


By the way I’m thinking of getting on skype or AIM for easier communication with people. Which do you out there recommend? Is it worth doing?


And here’s the news …


Kwiat buys Fred Leighton.


Finlay stores attract many buyers. I hear there was a bit of a “snag” at the court hearing yesterday. (UPDATE: Indeed there was. See here.)


Retail sales predictions “unsettling.”

– Wal mart, Kohls beat expectations.


Former Samuels, Helzberg CEOs now at moissanite co.

– Third CEO in 18 months.

– Third quarter sales down 48%.


Blue Nile posts third quarter gain.

– Future “just got brighter.” 

– But stock is “inflated.”


Bidz sales, profits down.

– SEC investigation heating up?

– Downgraded to “hold.”


Kenny G on Zale.


Rio Tinto changes business model, drops clients.


Indian dealers probed over bank accounts.  (7th paragraph down.)


Indian polishers want higher wages.


KP sets Zimbabwe “work plan.”

Official plan. (Posted doc.)

– Zimbabwe suspension will be sought again.

– Statements from the Kimberley Process (PDF), the State Dept, the European Union, World Diamond Council, Human Rights Watch, Leber Jewelers (PDF) and Rapaport.

– Israel new KP chair.


New Namibian diamond evaluator is Namibian company.


DTC Botswana fall short of job target.

– Country sees recession’s “end.”


De Beers sells share of AK6 project.

– End of De Beers’ “monopoly control in Botswana.”


De Beers holding town halls in producing countries.


Alrosa claims bring skepticism.


Media Watch:

Indian interview with chairman of Shrenuj. (via Cheryl)

India’s Business Standard talks to Rosy Blue.

Cindy Adams cites Terrance Howard as Apollo Diamonds investor. Again hits the “blood-free” angle.


From the Blog

All Finlay Sales Postponed.

Finlay Stores May Be Sold Today.

Kimberley Process and Zimbabwe, Once Again.


Have a great weekend …


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