Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

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Third note-that-is-not-as-important-as-the first two … I will be speaking at the JCK Show next Saturday June 5, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, on “The Latest On All Things Diamond”  (though it will actually cover more than that.)  So come by if you want to see me make many of the points I do here, just speaking really fast with a New York accent. Seriously, I love meeting my readers, so feel free to attend and say hi.

In addition, we are doing a series of video interviews for the show called “JCK TV,” which can be seen on the new JCK “Community” page. I have some interesting guests lined up, and will let you know more on this as it develops.


And now the news …


Zale announces narrower loss.

– Conference call highlights and transcript.


Sterling sales, profits up.


Tiffany sales, profits up.

– Analysts still mixed on stock.


Vegas pre-reg up 8%.  Good to hear.


Fast Company: Malls are still kinda dying.


Movado shuts retail stores.


KP monitor visits Zimbabwe.

–  Looks like Marange will be cleared for export.

– NGO: Militarization continues in Marange. As well as smuggling. And secrecy.

– Neighbors still against suspension.

– Local paper: Country has “suffered enough.”

– Government newspaper charges U.S. interference.


Zimbabwe bans all diamond exports.

– Rio disappointed.

– Ban “a ploy” by mining minister.

– Situation “a fork in the road.”


De Beers reaches out to Botswana citizens.

– Says it’s “optimistic” about diamond market.

– But warns “factories face stiff competition.”


Sierra Leone diamond exports up 25%.

RJC to cover platinum.

GCal passes ISO audit.  Which was talked about last week.

David Lamb joins World Gold Council.

Antwerp diamond club election results.

Florida jeweler accused of fencing.

London jeweler robbed.

Jacob the Jeweler caught in Kenneth Starr scandal.

Royal Asscher teams ups with Reena Ahluwalia, fine designer and “Diamond Shavings” reader.  Sounds like a great pairing.  

Stuller introduces metals line.

Media Watch:

New York Times on divorce jewelry.

The Street says good jewelry results show “return of luxury.”


From the Blog:

Highlights of Zale Conference Call.


From JCK:

My article on the “bead craze.”


Have a great weekend, and see many of you in Vegas .. and best wishes to departing colleagues art director Todd Gast and associate production editor Cherilyn Sajorda. Those two links go to their “linked in” profiles, and anyone who is looking for a fantastic art and/or production person should get in touch with them.


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