Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


I’m getting a whole bunch more twitter followers lately
(here’s my feed), and as a result
I’m doing more stuff on it. This is a great sign that the industry is embracing
social networking. (And really, twitter isn’t too difficult. Trust me.)


And, I know I should write about other stuff beyond
Zimbabwe. I promise I will.   


And now the news …


“Increased chance” of
double-dip recession.


Zale changes ad agency.
Article claims ad budget went from $50 million (in two years) to $3 million in
2010 first half. Yikes.


American International Gemologists (AIG) liquidates.


Botswana down, Russia up: Diamond production reshuffled.
Fascinating stuff.


Indian companies form
“sourcing collaborative.”
Very interesting.

A new


Zimbabwe One/The

– What the Marange
agreement says.

–  Mostly Indian
buyers at

– Goverment “shrugs
off” Rapnet ban.

– Mining mister calls Rapaport
“lunatic organization.”
guess his charm offensive is over. 

– Zimbabwe writer argues
ban won’t help human rights.

– VP says Zim has
“no blood diamonds.”

– State owned corporation probed.

– African Diamond Council supports Zimbabwe. Which contradicts last
week’s statement.


Zimbabwe Two/The
Review Mission

– Edahn: No problems

– NGOs find much
to be mad about.

– Arrested NGO Maguwu heading
monitoring group.
Government-linked NGOs unhappy.

– Maguwu bail conditions relaxed.


Nicky Oppenheimer
won’t testify in Nchindo case.


“Optimism” at India


Michael Hill still
posting loss in U.S.
Otherwise doing well.


Businesses rally against
“conflict minerals” law.

– Global Witness sues
British government over conflict minerals

– Are conflict minerals the problem in Congo? Blogs debate yes
and no.


Manhattan diamond store robbed.


Video of De Beers store


Diamond courier looted
in Surat.


JSA, ebay team


Florida jeweler 


Jewelers for Children/Diamond Empowerment Fund hold
joint raffle.
Both great causes; check it out.


Diamond Development Initiative annual
. (PDF)


The Naomi Campbell blood
diamond video game.

– Mandela charity official resigns
because of controversy.


Eat Pray Love inspires
jewelry designers.


Media Watch:

– “Conflict diamond” discussions on New York
public radio
and Minnesota
public radio
. (Audio.)

Science Monitor
on pros and cons of Rapaport ban.  See my post here
for a note on this article.

Toronto Sun
on Fair Trade jewelry.

Daily Mail
reviews “blood diamond” history. It’s not pretty.

talks to local jewelers about conflict diamonds.

–  Partnership
Africa’s Canada’s “conflict
diamond” newsletter.

– Blog advises how to
make your own engagement ring.


From the Blog:


the Marange Agreement Says (a.k.a. Another Post About Zimbabwe)


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