Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Wishing all my Indian readers a happy Diwali …


Blue Nile 3Q sales, profits up.

– Beats the street.

– Company is top
Internet jeweler.


Bailey Banks & Biddle relaunches.


If KP Keeps
Deadlockin’, Don’t Come A-Knockin’

Kimberley/Zimbabwe stalemate.

– My thoughts on the impasse
and the
KP’s (murky) future.

– Edahn Golan: There is still hope.

– Avi Krawitz: “A new era.”

– NGOs want impasse
 A surprising tack.

– Monitoring mission report.

– Interviews with chairs of the KP
and World
Diamond Council.

– (Pre-Plenary) Human Rights Watch release.


Zimbabwe arrests Marange mining

– Greeted with “skepticism.”  These arrests apparently unsettled
Western delegates at the KP Plenary, and are one reason no final agreement was reached.


Zimbabwe minister dismisses
Indian diamond deal.


Tax raids on Indian
diamond firms.

– Recent defaults “a
wake-up call.”


Argyle tender sells out.


De Beers drops Everlon court


Australian Jewelers Association expels website.


Survival International calls for Botswana
diamond boycott
over “Bushmen” issue.

– Botswana understandably ticked. I notice that this article was
retweeted by Global Witness.

– Country’s exports rise.

– BBC worries Botswana’s diamonds running


Gem Diamonds finds
185-ct. stone.


Shrenuj sales up 56%.


Jeweler dies after home


Jewelers Closing:

Jewelers in Wilmington
. (One store remains open.)


Charges against Israeli charged with diamond theft in
Namibia dropped.


Arrest for diamond employe’s murder in


Case against Charles Taylor falling


Singapore bourse elects
new president.


From the Blog:

a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad Kimberley Process

the Kimberley Process Keeps Stalemating

Gets Hardline


I’m heading home. Have a great weekend!



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