Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

No news on the Kimberley Process and Zimbabwe, for those of
you who aren’t totally tired with the whole thing, but my info is all the sides
are still talking (and talking, and talking.) There are some more articles on this down below …


Wishing all of my readers who celebrate a
Happy Hannukah


Blue Nile claims “record”
sales on Black Friday.

– 25% of traffic from
mobile app.
Sold $250,000 ring.

– Cyber Monday (overall) hits $1


Neiman, Saks see
strong jewelry sales.


Gold price hits


 “Local deal” sites eyed by big companies.


Helzberg brings back “I am Loved” slogan.

– Stops airing ad on Glenn Beck show.  (No politics, please, in the comments.)



– Kimberley Process stalemate “continues.”

– Zimbabwe threatens to sue KP.

– Surat Rough Sourcing “hopeful.”


$80 million in diamonds missing from
Zimbabwe mine.

– Core Minerals offers

– State “ready to prosecute.”


Alrosa in
financial mess?


Changes to De
Beers/Botswana agreement?
Weird formatting in that interview.

– A “milestone” sale in


Naming wars over lab-grown diamonds continue.


The world’s first
identical diamonds.


Pink diamond sets
record for Asia.


Graff buys
big rough stones.


Wikileaks: State Dept. asked
for info
on Kimberley Process evasions.


Oppenheimer family has
share in Wasteman
, apparently bad company.


WSJ: Retailers speak out
on conflict mineral law.
Mentions Tiffany. (Whose submission is here.
And here’s


Tiffany’s latest


Secrets of diamond polishing “revealed.”


Jersey Shore boys like


Definitely the most unusual
jewelry ad I’ve ever seen.


Scottish dentist offers
diamond-encrusted teeth.


Diamond studded nail


I’m not 100% sure how I stumbled across this, but “Blood
Diamond pants” has maybe
(or maybe not) become an Internet meme
. (As in the movie.)


Media Watch:

Wall Street
Journal blog
looks at diamond naming. Not something I’ve considered before.

Local TV
Engagement rings “get colorful.” About alternatives to diamonds.

guide to engagment ring shopping.

about how a writer “stole” their engagement ring.

TV station
on chocolate diamonds.

says invest in diamonds, not gold.

Best Week Ever makes fun of Kay commercial.


From the Blog:

We’re Number One! (But Not as Number One As We Were Before.)

We Call Them “Synthetic”?



Have a great weekend!



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