Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


Looks like a
“luxury” Christmas.


Jewelry commercial


Zale 10Q.

– Company talked up on
Nightly Business Report.

Street Journal on Zale
. Nothing really new.


JBT closes
New York office.


Smartphones and
retail jewelers.

– Blue
Nile’s mobile strategy.

– Blue Nile’s stock surges.


Harry Winston sales up 88%.

– “Sparkling season” for
Canadian miners.


Tiffany stock at highest
point since 1987.


Diamond commodity fund launched.
Company site here.

– Polished prices increase.


Purple-pink diamond makes $1 million a carat.


GIA: Treated diamonds
gets larger.


Alrosa is leading diamond producer in

– Now a “joint
custodian” of industry.


Zimbabwe wants to nationalize
all its mines.

– Or maybe not. “Mixed messages,” the
FT says.


Wikileaks and
Zimbabwe’s diamonds.

– Dealer named, denies.

– Edahn Golan’s thoughts.



– Negotiations between Zimbabwe and KP continue.

– Zim told “take
it or leave it.”

– Zimbabwe newspaper talking tough.

– So is India.


Africa Report on Cote
d’Ivore diamond smuggling.


Congo’s child
diamond miners
. (Video.)


Diamond company manager alleges
assault by owners
. Truly strange story.


Crime Watch:

Nirvana Intl., NYC


Lawsuit over “switched” diamond will proceed.


Groupon “most cloned business” in
web history.


Iphone with diamonds
and dinosaurs.


Jewelry business “lends itself to


A “planet of


Somone drops diamond ring into Salvation
Army bucket.


Media Watch:

Star Tribune
on DNA Diamonds.

favorite jewelry shops.

– Two views on diamond marketing: Here
and here.


From the Blog:

and Retail Jewelers.

and the Kimberley Process.

Jewelry Commercial Preview. (Part One.)



Have a great weekend!



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