Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

JCK’s offices will be closed Monday, in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And now the news…


Signet Jewelers’ same store sales up


Tiffany holiday sales up 11%.

– President to retire
in 2012.


Zale Comeback?

– Zale holiday comp
sales up 8.5%
! Nice job.

– Stock hits

NY Post: Piercing Pagoda sale may
“happen soon.”

– GLG: Beware of the


Three-year growth spurt for

– Govt.: U.S. retail sales up 7.9%
from last year


Return of “aspirational


Spence Diamonds departs from
. Well, that was quick. Welcome back, Robbins Brothers.

– So long, Robbins
8th and Walnut.


Interview with CEO
of Forevermark.
 Some interesting stuff in there.


New jewelry flash site launches.


Polygon founder, Boyajian launch
trading network.


Ellen Haddigan leaves
Diamond Empowerment Fund.


Petra sees stronger
diamond prices.

– Rap editorial warns
about speculation.


Edahn Golan on Indian
wage disputes.


Leviev tops
Israeli export list.


Debswana to
reopen mine.

– Botswana mining sector to grow


Liberia could be
world’s largest diamond producer.

– UN warns country need to do more about conflict


“Confusion” over Marange diamonds.

– Agreement deadline extended.

– Zim mining company director “on
the run.”

– Maguwu calls for
security protection.


Mining company want delay in SEC “conflict
minerals” ruling.


Company accused of shooting
diggers at gold mine.


De Beers Canada mine may
impact caribou.


Legendary “grandmother jewel thief” again


Blue Nile moves
to new offices.


Jericho appoints new
VP of exploration.


Damien Hirst introduces diamond-covered
baby skull
. I’m going to throw up.


Artist paints
engagement rings
as “post-divorce art.”


Celebrities keep
buying diamonds, and getting magazines to write about them:


–  Lily




Kanye West’s new
diamond watch
. From link: “I look forward to the day when Kanye becomes the
world’s first man to be made entirely of diamonds.”


Media Watch:

profiles the founder of C5. While I believe in efforts like this, it also
represents a massive failure of KP and NGO communication efforts that “socially
responsible” jewelers who should be supporting the KP, following it to the
letter, and working to make it stronger, instead actively disaparage it and act
like it doesn’t matter. (And yes, I know there are marketing reasons for certain
companies to do so. If everything is “conflict-free,” they have less of a
selling proposition. But the NGOs in particular have to realize that when you
are only negative about something, that has consequences.)


From the Blog:

with CEO of Forevermark.

Haddigan Leaves Diamond Empowerment Fund.



From JCK:

My article on
jewelers and Groupon.


Have a great Martin Luther King Day weekend!




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