Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


SEC drops
Zale investigation
. Also, class action suit dismissed. Some good news for

– Breeden selling still
more Zale stock.


Retail sales rise for ninth
month in a row
: Commerce Dept.

– U.S. luxury spending projected to rise.


Gold sets
new record.


Varda Shine predicts diamond prices will keep rising this

– Defends price

– Harry Winston also sees
more rises.

– My thoughts on the
“bubble question.”


How can we promote diamonds
in America?


Avi Krawitz: the industry needs
more credit.


Big purple-pink fails to sell at

– Sotheby’s auction sales disappoint.


Christie’s auctioning Elizabeth
Taylor’s jewelry.

– How the auction house “nabbed
her loot.”

– Henry Dunay remembers Taylor…


Former diamond dealer Danny Fiszman dies.


Did Chinese company in Marange sell

– South Africa seeks Zimbabwe/KP
 As does Vasant
Mehta at WFDB

– On the other hand, the EU seeks to overturn chairman’s

– DTC (explicitly) warns: Don’t trade Marange


Edahn Golan on diamonds and the
Ivory Coast.


Conflict minerals regulations postponed.


Dubai diamond sales doubled in 2010.


Israeli industry has strong
first quarter.


Rio Tinto diamond production drops 29%.

– Alrosa production up

– Report on new Alrosa/Rio Tinto deal.


Rio Tinto suspends Argyle
mine expansion
 due to flooding.


Rio Tinto’s India mine may
be halted
due to court case.


Rio partners with human rights


Strike at South
African diamond regulator.


Liberia seeks to curb diamond smuggling.


Diamond arbitration verdict upheld.


Lazare Kaplan 3Q sells


Tiffany CEO’s pay rises.

– Management meets with Wells Fargo.

– Why is there no investor appetite for
the stock


Soros buys stock in


Blue Nile downgraded to


Pope’s jewelry being auctioned on


Former GIA president writes
leadership book.


Royal bride has
ring resized.
  Stop the presses.


Yo quiera esad diamante—Spanish for “I want that
diamond”—has been trending
on twitter
. Not sure why.


Giants sells World
Series Ring.


The new diamond


Media Watch:

Beach newspaper
writes up Joan Parker talk.


From the Blog:

Do We Promote Diamonds in America?

Prices and the “Bubble” Question.



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