Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


This week … Diamond prices may cool off, which is more than
we can for say for New York City right now… How high can gold go? And is it all
Glenn Beck’s fault? … And I publish a story about “good news” about the
Kimberley Process. Which brings the number of positive articles written about
the KP up to two … All below ..


Gold hits

– Will rise for the next
two years?

Krugman at the New York Times
draws a parallel between Glenn Beck,
the gold market, and De Beers.


Prices up at
last DTC sight

– Sight estimated
at $850 million.

– Sight gets “cautious reaction” in

– Diamond price rises to cool, says

– India expects prices to come


De Beers now “just
another miner.”


Dia Deb International forced
into bankruptcy.


Ed Hardy accuses Bidz of selling
counterfeit goods.


CNN: Home shopping networks go high(er)-end.


What the end of Borders can
teach jewelers.


Can Apple head revive
J.C. Penney?
Interesting story.


Chicago Tribune: Watchmakers try to revive
U.S. interest.


Certainly an interesting business: Pawngo, online pawn shop,
big backing.


Diamond district courting
same-sex couples.


Mumbai Blast Fall-Out:

– Market reopens after

– Shadow over
IIJS show
? Israel says no.

– Is violence linked to
diamond trade?

– Diamonds found in blast

– Man held for stealing

– Security tightened in Surat.

– Smaller traders may move to new


More snakes seen
in Surat.


Namibian police probe “irregularities” in
Leviev diamond business.

– Senior employee sent


Swatch seeks
stake in diamond mine.


Saskatchewan diamond mine may go ahead.


De Beers’ South African miners declare

– Union wants to “rock
the industry.”

– De Beers deciding on
Venetia expansion.


“Good news from the
Kimberley Process


Zimbabwe may take action against
“hostile” mining firms.
Bizarre, and yet another troubling sign from that nation.

– May be “too reliant” on
diamond revenue.


Consumer in Qatar favor
diamonds, gold.


Large diamond to be cut
in Saskatchewan.


Royal Asscher open store
in Tokyo.


Blue Nile appoints


Diamantkring elects
new president.


Israel Exchange appoints


FBI busts diamond
theft ring.


Designer accused of stealing from
jewelry manufacturer.


New discovery: Diamonds “evaporate
under light
.” (But not a lot.)


Diamonds “rich in clues” about
the Earth.


Rapaport planning
September conference.


Contacts made of
diamonds and gold.


J.K. Rowling wooed
with diamonds.


Woman of the moment Rebekah Brooks hung out with member
of Oppenheimer family.


Radio host says her jewelry was
stolen at Newark airport.


Media Watch:

New York Post
reviews new book about the diamond district.

Diamonds – ecommerce’s best friend?

– Whiteflash mentioned in this New
York Times article.


From the Blog:

the End of Borders Can Teach Jewelers.

News From the Kimberley Process



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and enjoy your weekend …


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