Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week … Is the gold party
over? The diamond party? And who will drive everyone home? … Rapaport announces
100 new ventures … Plus, excerpts from a book called Escaping 47th Street
Through a Life in Journalism
. Didn’t work too well for me.… All below!

Gold price: Record
after record.


– Leading banks
see $2,000.

– Is the “party


Luxury sales “at risk” due
to stock market.

– India not worried about


Cut in household spending “points
to recession.”

– But retail
sales up
. So who knows?


Interview with president
of Pandora, North America.


Problems at the Diamond
Dealers Club.


Dia Deb assets sought to
be sold to Sumit.


Diamond prices beginning to fall in India.

– Indian show “only
okay for diamonds

– India nervous about China.


Mahendra Brothers raided.


BBC finds Zimbabwe “torture

– EU asks
for probe.

– Government denies.

– Rapaport unveils
“ethical certification” system


India blocking Marange goods.


Another “blood diamond” case
in Surat.

– Parcel came from

– Trader in


U.S. Marshals selling
43 ct. stone.


Rapaport announces price
list for investors.


U.S. diamond exports surge
in June.


New De Beers chief visits


DTC sight


Gitanjali 1Q earnings


Israeli buyers conned in


Kohl’s opening 21


hooks up with
Vera Wang.

– Is Vera Wang overextended?


New book-in-progress: The
Diamond Dealer’s Daughter: Escaping 47th Street Through a Life in Journalism.


Different engagement
ring in Breaking Dawn?


Media Watch:

Fool on Blue Nile.

Street Daily
calls diamonds an “investors’ best friend.”

– You know I am as despairing about the KP as the next
person, but it’s a wonder that The New
lets Isaac
Chotiner write about it
when he really doesn’t know what he’s talking
about, and can’t be bothered to do basic research. 1) It isn’t industry-run, 2) it
does have independent
, including review missions with NGOs and government officials,
and 3) the Kimberley Process has not approved exports from Marange, as two
seconds with Google news could tell you. His point about big international
sellers is particularly off-base.


From the Blog:

Going on at the Diamond Dealers Club

with President of Pandora, North America.

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and enjoy your weekend …



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