Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


First, a personal note: I will be on vacation next week, trying to relax and hiding from hurricanes, so there will be no round-up or blog posts for the week of Aug. 28. I wish all my American readers a happy Labor Day.

This week … Following the BHP tender, the industry tries not to panic about the latest thing it’s probably going to panic about  … Forget blood diamonds. Has the industry ever thought about all the supermodels suffering from underwear diamonds? … Plus, who got more publicity for their diamonds this week? Kim Kardashian, Randy Houser, or that really hungry dog?… All below …


Signet sales way up, will open 23 stores.

– Earnings call transcript.

– Stock rises.


Tiffany’s sales way up, foreign purchasers credited.

– Earnings call transcript.

– Analyst: “Hard to find negatives.”


Talk of “gold bubble” increases.

– Has huge decline, bounces back.

– Miner: “100 percent chance” of $2,500 gold.

– The mysterious “gold to suit” ratio.


BHP falling prices: Should we worry?

– DTC sight estimated at $800 million.

– Overconfidence “has caught up with industry.”

– BHP diamond revenue up.


(British) men spending less on engagement rings.

– Jezebel is snarky.


Polar Bear diamonds “face extinction.”


Trollbeads hires new CEO.

– Interview with new leadership.


JSA: Robberies, burglaries up in first half of year.

– Have you checked out our weekly crime blotter? It’s pretty good.


Jared customer return policy attacked by Conn. newspaper.


“The woes of Walmart.”


India allows Marange shipment.

– U.S. seeking KP deal.

– Edahn Golan: Industry must reclaim reputation.


Wikileaks fueling Indian tax raid?


Armenian citizen arrested for illegal diamond sales.


Chavez nationalizes gold mines.


Ghana residents cautioned against illegal diamond mining.


GIA catches stolen diamond.

Bharat Diamond Bourse to “get going soon.”

– Banking begins!


LKI appoints new sales manager.


Diamond Empowerment Fund appoints Phyllis Bergman president.


Jewelry manufacturer SRS plans IPO.


Two West 46th Street for sale.

Christie’s auctioning 32-carat flawless yellow.


Kim Kardashian weds, wears lots of diamonds.

– The Post’s diamond rundown.

– Cries over lost earring.

People cover a hit.


Randy Houser’s ring has 300 carats of diamonds.


Princess of Monaco wears Van Cleef and Arpels.


Astronomers discover planet of diamonds. Groovy!


Dog swallows $10,000 in diamonds. And a place in the “Lede Hall of Fame” goes to this article.


Victoria Secret model not crazy about her diamond underwear


Media Watch:

Time’s Moneyland not exactly up on diamonds as an investment.

Motley Fool (UK) is more encouraging.

MSN Money on rising diamond prices, Tiffany and Blue Nile.

Minneapolis newspaper on buying an engagement ring.

Radio Australia on the KP and India.


From The Blog:

Interview with New Leadership at Trollbeads U.S.

The Woes of Walmart.

BHP’s Price Drop: A Canary in the (Diamond) Mine?


Feel free to comment on any of the above in the box below, and enjoy your weekend …



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