Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week … Will Brad Pitt play Martin Rapaport on AMC? And who decided there was a resemblance? … The Kimberley Process signs an agreement on Zimbabwe, and it was immediately condemned by NGOs, ethical consumers, and diamond writers who now will have nothing to write about … Plus: Filene’s Basement. Where bargains were born. And now they’re dead … All below …


Retail icons Sims, Filene’s Basement closing down

– Stock price rises.  


Analyst predicts best holiday sales since 2004.   

– Weather may help.

– 17 percent of shoppers want jewelry on Black Friday.

– National Retail Federation’s holiday trends.


JA: Jewelry sales rise, profits not so much.


Oppenheimer family gives up control of De Beers

– Anglo presentation, video.

– Will cause “increased professionalization of the diamond industry.”

– Report: Family didn’t want to be “tied up in one asset.”

– “Succession issue.”

– De Beers announces new credit facility. Odd timing, no?

– Analysts pleased, shares rise.


Kimberley Process reaches agreement on Marange.

– My thoughts: Winners and losers.

Agreement text.

– Interview with the State Dept. Special Advisor on Conflict Diamonds. Also: State Dept. briefing.

– Reactions: civil society, World Diamond Council, European Union, WFDB, Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Lieber Jeweler.

– Zimbabwe opposition party calls it “wrong.”

– Edahn Golan: “No reason to cheer.”

–  Rap issues “trade alert.”

– Mines could produce as much as $2 billion a year.

– Surat consortium “springs back to life.”


U.S. taking over Kimberley Process in 2012.

– Did Hillary Clinton make the call?

– “Bows to pressure,” allows South Africa as vice chair.


Did funds intended for AIDS go to blood diamonds? 


AMC drama: Brad Pitt to play Martin Rapaport? Apparently, MVI heard this rumor, it is not joking about this.


RapNet: Diamond prices falling.

– Idex also sees slip.

– DTC sight features “adjusted” prices.

– Indian worries about slowdown ahead.

– Chaim Even-Zohar: “Unprecedented volatility” in the market.


Jewelry company receives record penalty in coral case.


Graff Diamonds sues Chicago pawn shop.


Indian jeweler arrested for “duping diamond merchant.”


HSN sales, profits soar.


Motley Fool previews Blue Nile’s earnings.


Scio Diamond moves to Greenville, S.C.


Jewelers Opening:

Bailey Banks and Biddle in Little Rock, Ark.


Jewelers Closing:

Geoffrey’s Diamonds in San Carlos, Calif.


Watchmaker George Daniels dies.


Israeli diamond exchange gets new managing director.


Margaret DeYoung to head marketing for Las Vegas Cut.


Gemvara hires “user experience guru” formerly of Zappos.


Chiadzwa mining company “damaged houses.”


Will Occupy movement end bling on TV?


Does Rick Perry wear too much jewelry?


Who will get Kim Kardashian’s rings?

– E has the answers!


Media Watch:

– Once-jailed Zimbabwe human rights activist talks on “conflict diamonds” on WNYC.

Forbes writer takes aim at Global Witness. Global Witness responds.

Instapundit mad at Tiffany for Pebble mine activism.

Black Voice News on Botswana.


From the Blog:

The Kimberley Process: Winners and Losers From the Two Year Zim-broglio .

Interview With the State Dept. Special Advisor on Conflict Diamonds.


Well, that was an exciting week. Hope everyone a great weekend …




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