Diamond Groups Discuss Marketing Plan

The Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) met with the Diamond Trading Company (DTC, a De Beers Group Company) in Tel Aviv to discuss the current state of the Israel’s diamond business and trends in world diamond markets.

IsDMA, led by its president Moti Ganz and deputy president David De-Toledo met with the DTC delegation headed by managing director, Varda Shine and sales director Mahiar Borhanjoo.

Topping the annual meeting’s agenda on Tuesday was “Together Works,” a strategic marketing campaign launched in March 2009. The Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies’ “Together Works” is a strategic program to take place in staged events during 2009. The marketing program will do even more to facilitate access to the Israeli Diamond Industry with direct benefits and special initiatives tailored to buyers. 

IsDMA president Moti Ganz.
IsDMA president Moti Ganz.

Ganz said that, “this strategic initiative is geared to providing significant marketing support to Israeli diamond manufacturers and exporters while providing real-time assistance and services to the Israeli Diamond Industry’s international trading partners.” 
Shine commented that an initiative such as “Together Works” is a, “great example of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking that is so necessary during these challenging economic times and congratulated the Israeli diamond industry for this program.”

Both parties agreed that strong working relationships are essential for the continued development and growth of the Israel’s diamond industry.