Design More Compelling Shopping Experiences

Jewelry customers seek beautiful shopping experiences. Today’s luxury buyers and fashion buyers and jewelry buyers are similar in that they all want to be moved. Jewelry customers of all categories and in all price ranges want to grow in their esthetic appreciation of jewelry and they want to better understand how jewelry adds value to their own unique fashion statements. Shopping experiences that sell jewelry as a means of reflecting a person’s unique style commonly incorporate how jewelry accessories complete a fashion ensemble. Many of today’s shoppers need and want to be moved to the point they feel compelled to make a jewelry purchase. Consumers who are attracted to experiential shopping want to be made to feel vulnerable to the notion of owning, gifting, self-gifting or wearing ”can’t live without it” jewelry. These are the shopping experiences that produce sales during these tough times.

Jewelry shoppers want to be led to conclude that their jewelry selections are their best means to complement their personal approaches to fashion design and style. Today’s value-oriented buyers must be moved beyond their basic needs. They need to be surprised by how compelling a jewelry sales presentation can now be. Jewelry sales associates need to throw a bit of suspense into their jewelry demonstrations. Try limiting a shopper’s view into mirrors inside the store until the person has jewelry on. Now in a well timed maneuver present a counter mirror for the person to discover how great they look and feel wearing the proposed piece of jewelry. Now that’s selling emotionally!

Everyone needs to be talking about your jewelry; but too few jewelry store marketers really know how to get the buzz and word of mouth going. By carefully orchestrating each shopper’s exposure to you store-driven stimuli while methodically presenting items through defined shopping experiences, jewelry sales associates will more effectively leverage all of the behavioral, sensory and reminiscent desires innate within fashion, accessory and jewelry buyers. Designing shopping experiences is about the intention to engage, inspire, educate, involve, delight, thrill and entertain shoppers for the purpose of creating value-generating relationships. Why should a jewelry store reevaluate their in-store and online shopping experiences? That’s because all jewelry companies are desperately dependent on their ability to create insanely loyal customers . . . and employees.  What are you doing to translate your jewelry store brand into beautiful, compelling shopping experiences?

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