DePasque Joins Goldstein Communications

Lorraine DePasque, former editor in chief of Lustre magazine, has joined public relations and marketing firm Goldstein Communications.

DePasque, Goldstein’s new vice president, is the founding editor of Lustre, and former executive editor of Jewelry and Fashion for Modern Jeweler magazine. Prior to joining the jewelry industry in 1988, she was a beauty and fitness editor with publishing groups Hearst, Fairchild, and Mass Media.

“I’ve known Lorraine for many years—since she started in the jewelry industry—and, like many others who’ve come to know her, I’ve always had a great deal of respect for her and the quality and integrity of her work,” said Linda Dunay, founder/president of Goldstein Communications, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles. “Her knowledge of jewelry is enormous, her trend-spotting capability is unparalleled, she has a solid understanding of consumer markets, and she’s an award-winning editorial talent.”

DePasque’s jewelry industry honors Include: The Women’s Jewelry Association Award for Excellence in Editorial/Reporting/Publishing, the Contemporary Design Group’s High Achievement Award for Best Designer Advocate, and the Italian Trade Commission’s Italian Jewelry Award.

In addition, DePasque was named to various Who’s Who lists, and has held membership in organizations, including the Women’s Jewelry Association, the Contemporary Design Group, the Jewelers of America Fashion Advisory Committee, and New York Women in Communications. During her two decades of jewelry industry experience, she’s served as a juror for many design competitions and, in the 1990s, she launched and managed Modern Jeweler’s Buyers’ Choice Awards.

 “Lorraine brings to this firm an interesting perspective,” said Ari Goldstein, chief executive officer. “She’s combining her diverse knowledge of the jewelry, beauty, and fashion industries with her extensive writing and editorial experience to provide our clients with a unique, sort of ‘insider’ direction and vision, not typically provided by a public relations and marketing company.”

DePasque added, “Even before I officially came on board, we found ourselves brainstorming and developing ideas for the many industries that Goldstein represents—from jewelry and beauty to art and service. It’s very energizing—and personally gratifying—to work side by side with like-minded people, who are focused on helping companies grow their businesses and, at the same time, effect positive change on the complex and challenging contemporary business landscape.”