Denim Report: The Pocket is the New Wash

For all of you that were hoping that your dusty acid wash jeans were going to come back around, I hate to be the one to tell you, but they’re not, you’re going to have to give up that pipe dream.

And for you out there clinging to hope in your Diesel denim, thinking that you’re still the bee’s knees, don’t feel too bad, I was one of you not too long ago.

Fancy, distressed washes, rips and tears are over folks. The new must have in denim is something that most won’t see until you walk on by; the back pockets.

If you’re a bit skittish, something simple like the classic R of a Rock and Republic jean is probably for you. They can make anyone who is not so blessed in the booty department look like they belong in music videos with the sculpted R design.

For the more adventurous, Antik Denim has your name all over it. The pockets are heavily adorned with thick stitching that, in it’s own way gives the illusion of the extra padding with which our society is currently obsessed.

Now for those that are more utilitarian about their fashion, the bucket pocket of True Religion is best. You can fit your wallet and your cell phone in one pocket, your digital camera in the other and somehow not look like you have two tumors on your gluteus. I personally think that they stitch a little bit of magic into True Religion’s pockets. They also have more ostentatious Antik-ish styles for the fashion-forward and hand-held device conscientious.

Below I’ve provided a pictorial shopping list for the visual learners in the crowd, so print it out, grab your plastic and have a ball this Memorial Day weekend padding your closet.

Bacilio’s Buyer Beware:
Don’t trust anyone who works on commission.

Rock and Republic

Antik Denim

True Religion

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