Demitasse 14k gold Jewelry


Among better stores, jewelry made of 14k gold has taken a backseat to higher-quality 18k designs, but the former is appearing more often now due to the economy. A number of designers already specialize in it, but I learned of another this morning. Demitasse Jewelry makes sweet-looking and whimsical 14k gold jewelry, and I saw some of their pieces in person today; I also learned that their jewelry is made in the U.S., starts at $400 retail, and is absolutely adorable! The details on the vintage serving spoon pendants are sharp, and the funny mustaches are wonderfully quirky.



Antiques inspire present-day serving spoon designs.

Serving spoon jewelry in 14k gold.


You don’t need to grow a mustache to wear one. These are 14k gold.

Famous ’staches: Dali and Demitasse Jewelry.

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