De Beers Execs Make “Everlon” Visit

In a sign of De Beers’ increasing comfort with doing business in the United States, its executives’ trips to the United States are becoming more frequent.

De Beers marketing execs Dominc Brand and Janet Sussens recently visited participants in the Everlon program. In addition, Diamond Trading Company managing director Varda Shine was spotted at the 24 Karat Club Dinner in January.

Diamond Information Center spokeswoman Jamie Cadwell said that Brand’s and Sussens’ visit shows how committed De Beers is to Everlon’s second year.

“When you look at the ‘Beacon’ programs we have done in the past, they have performed better in the second year than in the first,” she said. She said that Everlon will “remain the focus” for the DIC this year.

“We are certainly committed to the same level of support,” she said.

Despite all this, it should be noted that De Beers still has no official U.S. presence and the company just recently told me it has “no plans to change the way” it sells  diamonds.

JCK News Director