De Beers Diamond Jewellers Opens First Store In China

De Beers Diamond Jewellers opened its first store in China
on May 31.

The store, located in Skin Kong Place, Beijing, marks De
Beers Diamond Jewellers’ entrance into China’s expanding jewelry market.

The new Talisman Collection
was unveiled at the store opening. The Pink Talisman Medal features a rare pink
rough diamond at its center, white rose-cut dimaonds, and a mix of white and
fancy pink polished round-brilliant cut diamonds in pink gold. A selection of
loose diamonds were also on display.

Photos courtesy of De Beers

De Beers Diamonds Jewellers
CEO, François Delage, hosted the opening. “We are excited to open our first
store in Mainland China, enabling us to fully share our exceptional passion and
expertise in dimaond selection, craftsmanship, and diamond jewelry design with
one of the largest and most discerning markets in the world,” Delage said in a