Dalumi Runs for Charity

Kobi Itzchaki, managing director of diamond company Dalumi Group, took part in the Sahara Race during the last week of October as part of “Racing the Planet,” the world’s most challenging ultra-marathon. 

The Sahara Race is a seven-day self-sufficient footrace of 250 kilometers across the Sahara Desert of Egypt, considered the most spectacular part of Sahara. The finish line was in front of the Sphinx, just next to the Pyramids of Giza.

Itzchaki joined the Sahara Race in order to raise money to support initiatives and projects promoted by ILAN, the Israeli association for handicapped children.

After 3 months of training Itzchaki finished the race ninth and raised $15,000 from the Israeli diamond industry, donated entirely to the ILAN non-profit organization.

“I plan to continue participating in additional ultra-marathons during 2008 until we will raise at least triple the donation amount” Itzchaki said.