Customer Watch: The Traditional Personality

Some jewelry styles have longevity and are popular despite the whims of fashion. Chosen well, classic designs are dependably lovely and pleasing to the eye. No doubt that’s why they have become classics. A simple strand of pearls and a basic gold bangle bracelet are two examples of classic styles.


[Illustration by Haelyn Lee from Jewelry Savvy.]

A customer’s personal preference for classic styles of jewelry is an indication of her style personality. Typically you’ll see this preference for classic styles in the choices of a professional woman, such as a lawyer or banker who works in a conservative office. Even if the office dress code there allows business casual wear, this customer is likely to continue to wear classic styles of jewelry. For example, she may wear pearls with her button-down shirt, jacket and khakis. Or one pair of one-inch gold hoop earrings may work for her on an almost daily basis, not only for work but also for dressier or more casual occasions. She will instinctively gravitate toward business-appropriate selections in jewelry.


This personality style is called the Traditional personality by image consultants based upon Alyce Parsons’ Universal Style™ System and is one of seven personality styles you are likely to encounter. In fact, every individual, yourself included, has one or more style personalities. It’s all a matter of personal taste, influenced also by what is appropriate for the situation for which a person is dressing. Caroline Stanley and I discuss and illustrate the seven personality styles of jewelry in Jewelry Savvy.


The Traditional personality wants jewelry that is appropriate in a business setting. She wants nothing fussy and nothing with movement that distracts from her focus on business. This translates to such choices as earrings that sit on the earlobes and are not larger than the size of a quarter, single strands of pearls or beads, and classic designs of brooches that work well on a collar or lapel.


The Traditional personality is likely to choose a favorite color of metal, yellow or white or possibly rose gold, and build suites of jewelry around her choice. She may have in her jewelry wardrobe simple pearl stud earrings, a strand of pearls and a circle brooch adorned with a single pearl, for instance. The addition of color is likely to be on a modest scale, most likely seen in a ring, and limited to one hue. She is likely to hold the view that diamonds are not appropriate for business wear because they are too flashy.


If you are working with a customer who has the Traditional personality style, understand the parameters of what is acceptable style for a conservative work environment. Which pieces in your inventory work for the Traditional personality?


By the way, many people have more than one style personality. Remember that the Traditional personality style may be dictated by the dress codes or norms of a particular profession or employer. That same customer may have a different style personality and dress entirely differently outside a professional setting. Keep reading this blog to learn about the other style personalities.

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