Customer Watch: The Sporty Personality

Last week, we considered conservative, business-appropriate style in jewelry. This style is the signature look of the Traditional personality, one of the seven personality styles described by Alyce Parsons in the Universal Style™ System, a system of identifying and categorizing styles used by image consultants around the world. The Traditional personality style is the hallmark of conservative business and calls for classic jewelry.


The second personality style is the Sporty personality. Casual and friendly, the Sporty personality is often the alter ego of the free spirit who is required to adapt a Traditional personality style in a conservative work environment. She tends to be low maintenance in her hair and makeup. A ponytail is a classic Sporty look.


In apparel, the Sporty personality wears clothes that are all about practicality, ease and comfort. Some examples include business casual apparel, “preppy” looks and country club wear. Her jewelry mustn’t interfere with her active lifestyle. What this translates to is jewelry that generally isn’t large or in any way fussy, although of course it may be of very high quality.

     [Illustration by Haelyn Lee from Jewelry Savvy.]


In earrings, small hoops or stud earrings are preferred. Necklaces are generally worn inside the neckline of her clothing. She might choose a gold choker or a pendant on a fine platinum chain. A short strand of pearls is also a favored choice. Watches have a sporty appearance. Brooches are worn on shirt collars or lapels.


Although the jewelry designs need to be practical from the standpoint of functionality, the Sporty personality also may like a bit of whimsy in her jewelry selections. Animal and sports themes are motifs you might find this personality type enjoys. Amusing, witty designs are a nice complement to the friendly appearance typified by the Sporty personality.


Another favored choice of this personality type is the use of natural materials in jewelry. The recent resurgence of the use of wood as a component of jewelry is something the Sporty personality might well appreciate. Similarly coral, amber and even raw, uncut gemstones might be good choices for this customer.


The Sporty personality may also enjoy a shot of color in her jewelry selections. A pair of ruby or sapphire stud earrings or intensely hued gemstones set in a tennis bracelet might be the perfect gift.


Look through your inventory and give some thought to which designs and which specific pieces might be appropriate choices for the friendly customer with the active lifestyle who is the epitome of the Sporty personality.


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