Customer Watch: The Emotional Value of Jewelry

As I write this on Election Day, 2008, the results of a historical presidential election are being tallied, and the American people have voted in record-breaking numbers. It’s an emotional day for many, many people, and so what better topic for such a day than a focus on emotions.


It is said that jewelry is an emotional purchase. At times, emotion is inevitable because the jewelry relates to a very special occasion in one’s life, most notably the beginning of a marriage. At other times, emotions come into play simply because the jewelry is inherently so beautiful. I was told by a talented jewelry designer friend that I was literally whimpering when I saw the exquisite pieces in her collection. And there can be a sense of joy when one is able to commemorate a special achievement with the purchase of a signature piece of jewelry.


With a beautiful piece of jewelry, the emotions last long beyond the initial purchase. When jewelry had been received as a gift, it can be a reminder of love or friendship. Jewelry can be a comfort, a reminder of loved ones who have passed on. It can be a souvenir of one’s travels, or a reminder of one’s home.


The strength of the emotions embodied by a piece of jewelry can make it something that braces the wearer in difficult times, too. For a woman who wishes to convey a professional image, there is nothing like business-appropriate, quality jewelry to create a positive impression. Jewelry can heighten the wearer’s self-confidence. As an image consultant, I advise my clients and demonstrate to them that jewelry is the most powerful accessory.


The economy is difficult now and may be tough for some time into the future, but the emotions that cause people to purchase jewelry, whether they are winners or also-rans,  are not going away.


I salute all those who work tirelessly with a sincere desire to serve our country. I congratulate our next president and look forward to better days ahead.

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