Customer Watch: The Alluring Personality

She’s the dame who walks into the gumshoe’s office. The Hollywood starlet with a dress cut down to there. The confident woman who smolders with sex appeal. There’s nothing subtle about this woman. She dresses to be noticed.


Chances are she’ll be drawing attention to one of her best features. This may be accomplished with a plunging neckline, a belt highlighting a tiny waist, an ensemble that shows off her legs, or perhaps the back of her dress cut breathtakingly low. 


Her clothing will be form-fitting but not necessarily revealing. She may be wearing a sheath dress that follows her curves and covers her from neck to knees. Or she’ll wear a sweater with close-fitting jeans or slacks. Everything she wears is body-conscious.


Whatever style she wears, her message comes through loud and clear. She wants to be perceived as exciting, sensuous, captivating, sexy and glamorous. She wants to inspire emotion and get pulses racing.


This is a personality style that few women wear all the time, but many women enjoy wearing on special occasions. This look is too sexy for a conservative business environment but is favored by some women in the entertainment industry and in businesses that promote glamour.


Jewelry for the Alluring personality should be as sensuous as her clothing. Drop earrings that move with her body are a great choice. Hoop earrings have an inherent sensuousness that also work for the Alluring personality. Pendants and earrings will often have an undulating shape, and pendants will be worn to draw attention to the cleavage. She’ll prefer dangling, link-style bracelets that have movement. In her watches as in all her jewelry, she’s likely to select rounded designs. She’ll use brooches to highlight her décolletage.


Remember that the purpose of the Alluring personality’s jewelry is not to bring attention to the jewelry. It’s all about bringing attention to the wearer. Her attitude about dressing is “look at me.”



  [This current Chopard ad perfectly 
   captures the Alluring personality.]


Once again, look through your inventory. Give some thought to which designs and which specific pieces might be appropriate choices for the customer who wants to turn heads. And when that dame walks into your joint, you’ll know exactly what she wants.

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