Customer Watch: Jewelry to Draw Attention to a Cleft Chin

Following up on the question I received last week from Delia on how I might complement a cleft chin with jewelry, I spent some time going through some of the many wonderful books on jewelry in my personal library.


Looking at extraordinary jewelry designs always inspires me and moves me deeply. What artistry is represented in a beautiful jewel!


I have chosen a couple of representative, but very dissimilar, pendant designs that would beautifully serve to draw attention to a cleft chin.


The first is a late 16th century nef, or ship, pendant of gold, enamel and precious stones from the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, pictured in A History of Jewelry by J. Anderson Black. Consider how the shape of the ship could easily repeat the shape of a customer’s chin, with the center mast bringing the focus to the dimple in the center.


The second is a design circa 1928 by Gerard Sandoz, pictured in Ces Bijoux Qui Font Rever by Gilles Neret, a specimen of “les tempes modernes” from that era. The vertical emphasis of the entire pendant and position of the central vertical motif at its bottom center is reminiscent of the placement of the chin dimple on a face.


The diversity of these designs shows how customers with very different looks and personality styles could successfully draw the eye to their chin dimples, whether they prefer, and look good in, designs of elaborate fine detail or something sleeker and more geometric.


The closer in size and shape a design element is to the facial feature you wish to highlight, the more the association will be apparent to the viewer and the more that feature will come into prominence.

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