Customer Watch: Jewelry as Poetry in Motion: Spotlight on Beyonce

Every once in a while, I see a photo of a celebrity wearing a piece of jewelry so perfectly chosen for her that it dazzles. This week, I salute Beyonce Knowles for her choice of earrings at the 2008 Grammy Awards last weekend.


Beyonce is known for wearing earrings, and some of them over the years have been decidedly over the top. She has the physical features of a narrow jaw line and long neck that allow her to wear long, dangling ears beautifully. She has the personality to allow her to wear huge pieces of jewelry without fear of having them outshine the star.


What distinguishes the Grammy earrings is how they relate not only to the wearer’s features, which are a constant, and to her sparkling personality, but also to her hairstyle and clothing, which are specific to the occasion. Let’s take a closer look:  


  • The shape of the earrings is reminiscent of the shape of her face, particularly as they taper toward the bottom.
  • The earrings also mirror the size and shape of her mouth. Add to that their location hanging so close to her mouth, and the emphasis is brought to her dazzling smile.
  • By the same token, the earrings mirror the size and shape of her eyes and eyebrows, which are part of the symmetry of her face that make her such a beauty.
  • The length of the earrings is excellent, hitting at approximately the midpoint of her neck.
  • The color of the earrings shows up against the darker portion of her highlighted hair.
  • The undulating design of the earrings most appropriately reflects Beyonce’s alluring style personality.
  • The design of the earrings also has the same sense of motion as the waves of her hair.
  • Finally, the design of the earrings reflects the sense of motion created by her asymmetrically styled evening gown, which reminds of ocean waves.

 Altogether, in my opinion, the earrings were sheer perfection.


As to the Wonder Woman cuff, which looks to be made of fabric, situated on Beyonce’s right wrist, I have no comment. That’s show biz.