Customer Watch: How Jewelry Can Help You Look Not Tired

“How to Never Look Tired”: That’s the title of an article in the December 2008 issue of Glamour magazine, which discusses sundry ways one might avoid the dreaded comment “You look tired,” even when one is sleep-deprived and operating on empty.


The article includes a wide variety of products and techniques, with bountiful ideas for makeup, hair and skin care, plus suggestions for showers, backbends, and the use of chilled teaspoons, lemon juice ice cubes, espresso on cotton pads, and yes, the old frozen bag of peas on the face trick.


Far and away my favorite technique is this tip, courtesy of New York City stylist Kate Schelter. Parties during Fashion Week can last until dawn, so she “throws on a glittery necklace or earrings the morning after.” She states: “The sparkle makes you look lively! It’s a trick I tell clients.”


I’ve been advising my image consulting clients for years of this technique for fighting the appearance of fatigue. This is a great tip for your customers with overly booked calendars. Accessorizing with jewelry creates a more polished appearance, and part of that polish is looking more pulled-together and alert. Sparkly jewelry can heighten this effect when it acts as a pick-me-up that makes the wearer feel good and perhaps a bit more sparkly herself. I also recommend pearls for their luminous effect.


The best placement of jewelry to create a not-tired appearance is near the face, and earrings do the job beautifully for most women. Face-framing necklaces and brooches worn near the face also can create the same livening effect. 



There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of jewelry to brighten up a face. Of course, if one can find a quiet place to nap for 20 minutes while wearing the jewelry, so much the better.

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