Customer Watch: Each One a Work of Art

When I speak to a group of women on the subject of jewelry, I invite questions, and I’m often delighted by the insights that develop from their inquiries.


Last week, I addressed the local chapter of a women’s organization on the subject how best to wear and care for jewelry, based on the information contained in Jewelry Savvy. I was discussing style personalities, and in particular the romantic or feminine style personality (see my blog from October 24, 2007), when one woman raised her hand to ask a question.


As a rule, I don’t like fussy things, the petite and stylishly dressed woman said, but I just adore cameos. Why is that?



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And seeing this woman across the room with her fair skin and strawberry blonde hair, it was immediately obvious that the woman had the coloring of a classic cameo. She had never considered that what she was seeing in these carved beauties was a reflection of herself.


This brings to mind the wonderful scene in director Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette where the young queen and her entourage are indulging in a spree of shopping for shoes, fabrics and jewelry and indulging in desserts and champagne to the tune of “I Want Candy.” Jewelry is photographed as so many sweets to be indulged in, and the jewels in all manner of pretty colors are a reflection of the women themselves with their flushed faces and pink lips.


A customer may remind you of a delicate cameo, a pastel-colored sweet, or maybe an exotic bird. Maybe she sees in herself what you see; maybe she doesn’t. Sometimes the association is obvious; more often it’s subtle. It has to do with a customer’s personality, attitude and presence as well as her appearance. Maybe it has to do with the way she speaks or moves, or something as simple as the way her eyelashes captivate a viewer.


Think of each customer as a work of art, and her unique qualities as what you can highlight with jewelry.

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