Customer Watch: Asymmetry

As you people watch, you’ll notice something interesting: Relatively few people have completely symmetrical features. Most of us have little quirky differences between the left side of our face and the right side.


Look at a photograph of your face. If you draw a line down the center of your face, do the right and left sides match exactly? For most people, the answer is no. Not to worry! Many of the great beauties do/did not have completely symmetrical features. The asymmetry is part of what makes a face memorable and lovely.


The differences can be small, like the presence of a beauty mark on one side, seen on such famed beauties as Marilyn Monroe and supermodel Cindy Crawford. You can find a long list of celebrity beauty marks on Wikipedia.


Often, the asymmetry is more pronounced. Eyes or ears are set at slightly different heights, or are tilted slightly differently. A person’s mouth is higher on one side than the other. A hairline dips or rises at one side of a forehead. There are endless variations of asymmetry. Let’s look at a couple of photographs of actress Keira Knightley. A talented actress and a renowned beauty, nevertheless notice the difference between her right and left eyebrows. This is part of her unique comeliness. 



What is true of our faces is true of our bodies, too. Few of us are completely symmetrical. Most people find that one foot is slightly larger than the other. Your writing hand may be larger than your other hand. One arm may be slightly longer, and so forth.


Of course, clothing needs to be altered to accommodate distinct asymmetries in our physical forms. For example, if one arm is shorter than the other, one sleeve needs to be shortened so that the sleeves hang at the proper length on both arms.


In choice of jewelry, as well as choice of clothing, the person with asymmetrical features will find that asymmetrical designs are most flattering. Thus, the person with asymmetrical features will find that the one-shouldered dresses I described in my February 4th blog are especially attractive. Jewelry of asymmetrical design also will be especially flattering. Similarly, a brooch, bracelet or ring worn on only one side also creates a visual discrepancy between the right and left sides of the body that is flattering. The asymmetrical pieces or asymmetrical placements are in harmony with the face and the body.


Thinking of Keira Knightley, I remember the elaborate multi-colored gemstone necklace that she wore to the Academy Awards in 2006. I recall that the necklace was a statement necklace of symmetrical design and that it was stunning on her. I went back to look at it, to see why I had liked it so well, and I found that Ms. Knightley or her stylist used the vintage Bulgari necklace to accessorize – you guessed it—a one-shouldered gown. 


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