Customer Contacts Reflect Company Culture

During the holidays jewelers have expanded opportunities to further develop their customer contact information.  Sales representatives need to be trained and motivated to seek more information from customers.  Jewelry businesses need to increase the adoption of customer-focused business processes to gain competitive advantage. Too many jewelry product offerings and pricing strategies no longer provide sufficient differentiation. By adopting more customer oriented strategies, jewelers can more effectively develop loyal customers. Jewelry buying experiences can be enhanced through a culture that is more customer oriented.

Corporate culture is very challenging to define, change or improve. Culture is so intangible and cannot be easily changed. One proven approach that jewelry companies can follow is to strategically improve customer relationships. By creating more relevant content for customers jewelers can become more customer oriented. Talking to jewelry customers is more than just presenting them with product offerings. Begin by being a jewelry company that really listens to customers. Listening to customers and focusing on customers go hand in hand.  Consider sending a survey to customers asking them about their opinions regarding fashion trends, jewelry designs and their individual approach to wardrobe style.

It all starts with having the right contact information for customers. Develop a database that includes contacts by postal mail, email and through mobility.  Get permission to contact customers and only communicate content that customers will find to be relevant and important. This will require more segmentation of customers by product category, wardrobe preferences through preidentified preferences of jewelry.  Becoming more customer oriented is much more demanding that just recording basic contact information. It is about asking the right questions and listening to customers.

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