Cultured Pearls Increasingly Being Described as Natural, CIBJO Says

CIBJO World Jewellery Federation has noted a “worrying trend” of cultured pearls being inaccurately described online as natural.

In a special report of the organization’s pearl commission, commission president Kenneth Scarratt says that he has long seen pearl sellers omit the word cultured in describing their product. But now some online sellers are going even further and inaccurately describing colored freshwater cultured pearls as natural.

“When challenged, the individuals making such incorrect statements admit that what they are referring to is the ‘natural color’ of these cultured pearls, rather than their growth origin,” Scarratt said in a statement. “This hardly excuses the unprofessional marketing tactics being employed.”

The CIBJO Pearl Commission says the trade needs more education on this issue. Its report can be seen here.

(Image courtesy of CIBJO)

JCK News Director