Creativity is the focus of a watchmaking workshop

The Creative Art of Horology workshop will take place Nov. 9-11 at the UBS Artrium in Geneva, Switzerland. The workshop, which is being held during the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva, provides an opportunity for design students and watch aficionados to learn about the creativity behind watch making and meet professionals in the industry.

The annual workshop, part of a series on creativity run by Arts Workshops, will be followed by an exhibition of participants’ work. Both the workshop and the exhibition will take place at the same venue as the Grand Prix exhibition, offering an unrivalled chance to meet the elite of the watch world. The workshop will be videoed and shown live on several internet sites and all the material produced during the workshop will be placed online in the Arts Workshops internet talent book.

Preceding the workshop, Arts Workshops is organizing an exhibition that will examine the creative history behind watch making, from Oct. 10 to Nov. 10.

The aim of Arts Workshops is to organize regular workshops where young creative people and those interested in developing their creative skills participate in master class workshops that focus on practical creativity. Since success also relies on the promotion of talent, Arts Workshops uses all media possibilities to continuously promote and exhibit the activities of its participants and sponsors.

Typically each year’s program includes industry-specific workshops and is based around a theme, with the 2005/06 program being based around a theme of “Creativity.” The first event will concentrate on the “Creative Art of Watchmaking.”

Participants will visit several watchmakers and see presentations on the theme. They will then get together and discuss and develop their own ideas – there will also be a ‘Question and Answer’ session on 10 November which will be open to the public.

On November 11, after a team of specialists choose the most creative idea, all the ideas will be put on display at the UBS Artrium in Geneva, joining the work of the participants in the Grand Prix d’Hologerie.

For more information, contact: or call Arts Workshops at, 0041 (0)22 301 1767.