Courtney Love claims jewel theft in Canada

More than $100,000 in jewels and other items were stolen from Courtney Love’s hotel suite while she was out filming a movie, her manager told the Associated Press (AP).

Among the items said to have been taken is the wedding ring she received from Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana lead singer who killed himself in 1994 in the couple’s Seattle home, the AP reported.

Love arrived last month in Vancouver to shoot the movie “24 Hours.” Filming ends Wednesday.

Also missing are a $30,000 ring that actor Edward Norton gave Love and diamond bracelets she received from a former boyfriend/manager, said Lisa Shaw, a manager working with Love during her stay here, the AP reported.

“Why should we come to Vancouver if our celebrities are going to be ripped off … and no one does anything about it,” Shaw said, adding that the star “feels abandoned” by Vancouver police, the AP reported.

Vancouver police spokesman Scott Driemel said, according to the AP. “We are in receipt of the allegation. We are involved in an investigation and it is continuing.”