Cordova Launches Branding and Ad Campaign

For the first time in its 57-year history, jewelry creator and designer, Cordova, Inc., has launched a corporate re-branding and five-year strategic marketing plan with the goal of transforming the Flushing, N.Y.-based company into a household designer name.

Cordova will focus on designing fashion and bridal jewelry that is says will be “more in step with luxury fashion trends,” by soliciting feedback from consumers in its target audience in the early phases of design.

Consumer advertising will also play a prominent role in the company’s approach to market, beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. Based on extensive market research, which revealed that men make the overwhelming majority of Cordova purchases, Cordova will begin by launching an advertising campaign that speaks directly to a male, gift-buying audience through national consumer media. The series will also be extended to retailers for placement in local markets.

Cordova will retire the Alfred Levitt name from its bridal jewelry collection and brand all of its designs—both bridal and fashion—under the name Cordova, in order to maximize exposure for the brand.

 “We want Cordova to be the brand women desire at every milestone, from engagements to golden anniversaries,” said Bob Kagan, president of Cordova. “And we’re confident that taking a more expansive and strategic approach to design and marketing will get us there.”

Cordova will premiere its new identity and new collections in Premiere Salon 19 at JCK Luxury, May 29-31, and in Prestige Promenade Salon 27 at JCK Las Vegas, June 1-5.

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