Consider the Neophyte Jewelry Shopper

When less experienced jewelry shoppers go looking to buy jewelry it is usually a stressful situation for them. They have identified their need to make a new fashion statement through a new watch, or a new piece of jewelry, but that usually makes them feel insecure about their ability to make the right purchase decision. Consider how their daily lives are very different from this state of mind. They usually don’t have to know that much about jewelry; just how to wear the jewelry they already have in their jewelry wardrobe and how to mix and match ensembles that work best for their particular style, physical characteristics and their personal approach to fashion, accessories and jewelry. In general, when inexperienced jewelry shoppers acknowledge their need to buy new jewelry they cross over a psychological threshold into an unknown territory that leaves them feeling very uneasy. They may become worried about how their friends and family might feel about a new jewelry fashion statement they want to make. Equally stressful is the consideration of an exceptionally large purchase and the impending transaction exchange.

The neophyte jewelry shopper becomes worried about their lack of knowledge regarding their ability to recognize the quality of the jewelry and discern the true value of jewelry that will be inevitably be offered to them. They haven’t even entered a jewelry store and they are nervous and concerned! Now add the stress of wondering if they will select the right piece of jewelry for the right reasons or that their purchase decision  may not be supported by people with opinions who matter to them and it’s easy to understand why so many jewelry shoppers can be uneasy.

Am I describing a person who is feeling a bit of misery . . . you bet I am! So let’s relieve them of their worry and stress and make them feel comfortable about the notion of making a purchase of jewelry. Let’s start by acknowledging that retail customers of most luxury product categories will report feeling vulnerable due to their lack of product knowledge and initial disinterest in trusting sales representatives.

Since we are talking about jewelry purchases let’s consider some of the stressors customers might be influenced by. The price is much higher than the customer’s normal spending habits and the customer must define product quality and value while admitting they have little confidence in their abilities to do so. No wonder we can ratchet the up the scale quite a few stress meters when it comes to making a fine jewelry purchase. When considering the neophyte jewelry shopper you should anticipate these sorts of concerns and use the strategy of sharing information with them to build trust.

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