Congress Bill Impacts Lead in Jewelry

MJSA reported that on Aug. 1, Congress passed a bill that
alters some key provisions in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, so
existing inventories of base-metal children’s jewelry no longer have to meet
the imminent 100 ppm lead content standard.

The CPSIA lead standard is set to drop to 100 parts per
million, or 0.01 percent, on Aug. 14. The original legislation would have
applied that standard retroactively to existing inventories. However, the new
bill requires only children’s products made after this date must meet the new

“Suppliers of non-precious children’s jewelry have won
important relief from the burden of excess regulation, while still ensuring
that the products they sell are safe and suitable for children,” said
David W. Cochran, MJSA president and CEO, in statement. “At a time of
continued challenges for our industry, this is great news.”

more information on the revised legislation